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Parent Testimonial Spotlight!

Moving here from L.A. was a huge change for my two children(3 and 1) and I did not feel 100% confident with leaving them in the care of others until I found ABC Children’s Center.  During the tour I had such a great connection with the director, Debbie, and felt that she was incredibly knowledgeable, honest, and compassionate.  Once my children began to attend, I knew I had made the right choice.  It was the first time I dropped my son off anywhere without him crying.  He quickly became comfortable with his teachers due to their warm smiles and affection.  Being a former  Pre-K teacher I was thrilled when I saw that he was participating in various sensory activities such as painting, shaving cream and play dough.  He has been attending for two months now and has made huge growth socially, emotionally, and cognitively.                                          

My daughter is in the 3 year old class with Ms. Lisa and loves it, as well.  She is constantly talking about her teacher and friends, and is excited to attend school each day.  Ms. Lisa is loving, but also guides my daughter when any social or emotional situations come up.  I am thrilled she is in her care. Lastly, there are two huge benefits of attending this school.  The first is that they have an app that allows you to see pictures, videos, and class room activities, daily.  The second is that they have Family Hour.  This is time where you are able to come and spend an hour with your child in class once a month.  It is at the end of the day and allows parents to see their child’s work, talk to the teacher more, have one on one time with their child, and participate in an art or food project.
ABC Children’s Center makes me feel incredibly connected with my children and involved in their daily lives. I love it here!

“I love my school because I like to play a lot with my new friends.  In the class we play with toys, make projects, and play with legos.  Ms. Lisa is nice and silly.  She does my hair and sings to me.” -Bailey, 3 years old




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