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The Collected Works

group of children doing artworks

Self-expression is one of the basic needs of children. Art is something special that evokes the creative spirit within them. It can serve as a medium of communication and adventure for them to explore, to discover, to feel and to love.

Through The Collected Works of ABC Children’s Center, the children, parents, and teachers embark on an artistic, memorable journey together every year. As a unique experience, they research and explore the lives and mediums of some of the world’s renowned artists as they develop a deep understanding of how art comes to life. Immersing themselves in the world of craft and artistry, they get to unravel the magic and feel the passion of art in itself.

Children are focused with their original works of arts. Giving this opportunity helps them flourish their imaginative side, allowing them to speak themselves in a different way. Over several weeks, classrooms have been working on a collection of fine arts modeled after many famous artists.

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