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The Process

The highly intellectual children, or uniquely skilled or gifted children are often misunderstood. At ABC Children’s Center, we work to understand and guide them towards better self-respect.

Self-awareness for making responsible choices is the process of encouraging self-evaluation and initiative towards themselves, friends, and environment.

For our respect towards friends:
We essentially prepare them to verbalize using the process, approach, right words, and phrases for problem solving, communication, and self-expression. We give them the choice, time, and direction to first figure out by themselves and report to an adult when needed.

For respect towards environment:
Responsibility towards each child’s own work and respect for other friends work, class room environment and all materials around them is what we consistently work to reiterate in each child.

Our discipline policy is about:
Focus is on the child’s actions rather than his personality and priority is to make the child feel worthwhile, accepted, and loved. We consistently work with the child, teacher and parent as a team to assist in the appropriate social behavior and skills. We attempt to keep acts of misbehavior in perspective.