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Advanced Pre-K

We are a mixed age class for older 4’s to Pre- KG. Our curriculum is theme based originating from the ideas and teamwork of our children. Through the theme that the class groups are working on, our children learn and explore everything from the animals under the sea to what makes the spaceships stay in the space…. what makes plants grow to what are the parts of a seed…. continents and culture…. reading and story writing…. counting to planning a project in a team and executing it. It’s a world of fun within their own imaginations. We additionally emphasize on social skills, public presentation through our Family Friday search month accompanied with problem solving and team work efforts. Our child gain their confidence through their work and the process of doing the work. Our individual child focused curriculum- is prepared individually for each child based on their unique learning patterns and their interest as the year progresses. We blend in Montessori, project based learning and prepare our children to confidently express in their environment where ever they go. At the end of the year each child has their own portfolio, describing their learning process in the year and their proud milestones they work so hard for.

  • Family Hour
    smiling kids
  • History and Earth Sciences
    kids making a globe
  • Language:Reading, Writing and Presentations
    boy making a block

    Reading, speaking and writing skills

  • Class Projects and Collaborations
    kids planting
    • Cognitive thinking skills
    • Collaborations and teamwork projects
    • Discussions and questions
  • Self-respect and Social Skills
    boy helping other kids
    • Social skills
    • Problem solving
    • Empathy
    • Respect for self, friends and environment
  • Learning Process Portfolios
    globe drawing

    The Teacher and child partner to create a portfolio of the child by observing their developmental skills in the following areas:

    • Social/Emotional Development,
    • Physical Development,
    • Language and Literacy Development,
    • Math, Science, and Social Studies,
    • As well as Artistic Development.
  • Math
    playing kids

    Quantities, Relationsand Geometric skills

  • Sensorial
    kids holding a fuits
  • Events
    girl riding in the horse
  • Creativity and Expressions Skills
    paper art
  • Life – Sciences
    playing kids
  • Cognitive Thinking Skills
    playing kids