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Infant & Toddler

infant playing blocks

Infant Program

Our infant room for ages 3 to 24 months has a 1 to 4 ratio so that we can meet each child’s individual needs and schedules. Daily parent communication ensures each child is fed, changed and rested properly. These little ones get a lot of cuddling and one-on-one attention that stimulates all of their senses for healthy growth. Baby sign language is taught to help our toddlers communicate their many needs. Baby Bear and Cuddle Bear staff members work closely to ensure a smooth transition as our babies move to our active Cuddle Bear class.

Toddler Program

Our one-year-olds delight in the daily music and art activities. Language development is encouraged during story time. Squeals of joy are heard during sensory activities. Our children enjoy their own outdoor play yard with equipment scaled to their size. The teacher to student ratio of 1 to 4 allows the children plenty of individual attention.

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