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Pre- Kindergarten

Our older 3 year olds are exposed to a print-rich environment to support pre-literacy concepts, including phonemic awareness through storytelling and music. Number concepts are fun through games and music! Our children become scientists as they explore and experiment with the world around them.

  • Family Hour
    playing kids
  • History and Earth Sciences
    boy making an art
  • Language and Communication Skills
    boy making a box

    Reading, speaking and writing skills

  • Class Projects and Collaborations
    playing kids
    • Cognitive thinking skills
    • Collaborations and teamwork projects
    • Discussions and questions
  • Self -respect and social skills
    smiling two kids
    • Social skills
    • Problem solving
    • Empathy
    • Respect for self, friends and environment
  • Learning Process Portfolios

    The Teacher and child partner to create a portfolio of the child by observing their developmental skills in the following areas:

    • Social/Emotional Development,
    • Physical Development,
    • Language and Literacy Development,
    • Math, Science, and Social Studies,
    • As well as Artistic Development.
  • Math
    kids playing lego

    Quantities, Relationsand Geometric skills

  • Sensorial
    kids playing blocks
  • Events
    children having an activities
  • Creativity and Expressions Skills
    kids doing paint
  • Life – Sciences
    boy holding a magnifying glass
  • Cognitive Thinking Skills
    girl doing expeiment